Tim Noone

Tim Noone


8 Years


Rosehill NSW 2142

My woodworking career began with an apprenticeship with a kitchen company. I moved around a lot over the next few years learning different skills at each different workplace. I began to make some nice items for people, however, the work I was doing was not satisfying my desire to make furniture and work in solid timber. Once I had completed my trade, I began to study Furniture Making at night - doing the trade course - while working full time. I was fortunate enough to have employers who let me use their workshops outside of business hours to begin making furniture. But this was still not enough.

In 2011, I attended the Sturt School for Wood and completed the one year Furniture Design and Making course. The catalyst for this was realising halfway through a bookcase I was making that I was getting stuck trying to resolve design issues. I attended the school to build my skills in design, and to develop a personal aesthetic.

I now find that much of what I design is simple and clean. I like subtle curves and furniture that flows. Often, pieces I make are of predominantly one timber, allowing the form of the piece and the timber to speak for themselves.

Above all, working with timber is an absolute joy which brings a certain satisfaction that reassures me of the path I have chosen.