Darren Fry

I am a passionate artisan striving to create excellence regardless of what I am making. This attitude is applied to all of my works whether I am making contemporary furniture, pieces of art or reproducing the finest works of the past. My commitment to fine results can be seen as a constant throughout all of my work.

During my career, I have been fortunate to work alongside and be mentored by some extremely talented and renowned designers and makers. Through this exposure to excellence, I have been able to achieve a high level of expertise in design and craftsmanship. This skill set is consistently displayed through various elements found within the pieces that I create. Using traditional methods, I develop original designs with fine tolerance and finesse.

Every piece I create contains details that have been meticulously considered and are comprised of the finest examples of timbers on the planet. Refined elements of quality are often deliberately inclusive of figurative grains and natural features. Particular species are selected to complement designs so that the natural beauty of the timber is highlighted and complimentary to the aesthetic of the piece. To create a synthesis of beautiful timber with elegance is imperative.

My vision is to continue to design and make furniture of the highest order in Australia. The design and production of excellent quality has contributed significantly through out Australian history. It is with sincerity that I aspire to contribute my best and create an influence, as I participate in the development of innovation, design and ideas in Australian culture.
Incorporating my passion for the natural environment within this philosophy of fine detail and excellence, while honouring the traditions of craftsmanship and design, is paramount. In this way, I am able to bring to fruition design concepts that respect nature, honour the past, exemplify contemporary and classic design and are of a quality that will be admired for generations to come.

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