Kanun Onsel

I am a South Coast NSW based artistic furniture designer and maker. My skills and passion developed from a very young age spending my childhood years around my father who was a custom-made furniture maker.

After school I would join my father in his workplace learning as I worked with him and his workers. After leaving high school I joined my father in his workplace on a full-time basis where I gained immense traditional skills and techniques. It also gave me the opportunity to design and create new artistic pieces introducing new materials to develop my own techniques and methods of woodworking.

I had my first solo exhibition supported by the president of Cyprus, were I had exhibited 83 of my own designed and handcraft wooden silhouettes of birds, ships, people and fish which were so highly polished they gleamed like glass. After my successful exhibition this encouraged me to continue designing and creating my own unique work using my own techniques and methods as well as traditional.

I work solo designing and making my own pieces in my own unique way using different types of materials. My biggest influence is geometry, the structural formation of geometrical shapes lines and angles. I am constantly drawing my designs and ideas which helps me with my creativity.

2018 New Design 3 – Sturt Gallery, Mittagong (forthcoming)
2018 Chatoyance – Master Woodworks, Sturt Gallery Mittagong
2011 Student Exhibition – TAFE, Illawarra Institute,
1993 Wooden Silhouettes of Birds – Cyprus

2011 Visual Arts, Craft & Design Training Package, Illawarra Institute TAFE
2011 Certificate II in Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft, Illawarra Institute TAFE
2004 Glass Molding, Sydney

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