Isao Takezawa

My fascination for ‘making’ started at a young age, and I spent my early years in Japan creating all sorts of objects, from lamps, cups, Shogi boards (Japanese chess boards), CD racks, stools, etc. Looking back I have always been interested in creating functional ‘tools’ which one could use to enhance experiences. From these experiments I became passionate about learning how things work and how things can be better, which eventually led me to pursue design as my career.

My formal study in design began at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, where I was fortunate to learn from professors and peers in this highly creative environment. With a strong influence from the teasing methods at Bauhaus, the school celebrated hands-on approach with various workshop facilities for wood, metal, plastic, upholstery, and technologies such as vacuum forming, CNC, 3D printing and laser cutting. This was my first introduction to proper woodworking. My love for making was cemented at the school, which aspired me to further my study at various organisations in different countries; such as Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Italy and Oak Village in Japan.

As a designer my focus lies in exploring how a product or a space can enrich human experiences, looking for ways to touch human senses and elevate positive feelings. I’ve found that this can happen through one’s conscious or subconscious recognition of happiness upon interacting with these products and spaces.

Materiality, lines, mass, light and shadow, structure, softness and rigidity, and context; I believe all these elements have to work in harmony to serve its function. Ultimately my goal as a designer is to create things that get better with age; responsible and timeless objects and spaces that respond to the changing needs of the society.

In 2017, I established Marker Furniture in Sydney. As an ambassador of made-to-last objects, Marker is founded on the idea that well designed and carefully crafted furniture should be enjoyed by everyone.

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