Evan Dunstone

We make fine furniture with a specialisation in chairs

Churchill Fellow Evan Dunstone’s company, Dunstone Design Global, is at the cutting edge of Australian craft-based furniture design and manufacture. Evan has trained and/or employed several of Australia’s leading young makers including Alex MacFarlane, William Bayliss, Rolf Barfoed and Adrian Olasau.

Dunstone Design Global has one of the best equipped small-batch production and one-off commission workshops in Australia. The company can handle any scale of project, from a major boardroom table commission to a small jewelry box. Their facilities include a showroom, machine room, oiling room, dedicated sanding room and an extensive collection of fine timbers. The small team of makers who work at Dunstone Design are all award-winning craftsmen.

Chairs are Evan’s greatest interest and passion. His Waterfall Stool, Cascade Rocking Chair, Tamar chair, Werriwa lounge chair and Seren Highback Carver have all won major awards and are among Dunstone Design’s most popular pieces.

Evan was trained by David Mac Laren OAM, owner of the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery (and a member of SWA).

Evan is much sought after as a teacher of woodwork and furniture design. Each year he runs a small number of Masterclasses at his workshop including Production Masterclass, Design and Development, Summer Handtools and Advanced Techniques. American designer Adam Rogers is a regular co-teacher at Dunstone Design.

In 2018, Evan Dunstone was a co-organizer of the Wood Dust festival (Evan is not longer associated with Wood Dust).