Furniture Defines Home

This past year has seen most of us spending more time than usual at our homes. We have all come to realise how important our domestic space is. Furniture helps define the soul of a home. Thoughtful furniture is a gift to ourselves, our families and our friends.

As the nation’s peak body for fine woodworkers, our members have been reflecting on this. The call went out to create an exhibition of warm, generous and accessible furniture designed to bring simple pleasure to people. Yes, the joinery will be impeccable and the timbers special, but this will be an exhibition of pieces meant to be lived with. 

As the membership of SWA has grown exponentially this year, Furniture Defines Home will feature some of our younger, mid-career makers. The exhibition opens  Saturday 14th November at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. This will be a “take as you purchase” exhibition, so get in early to enjoy the full range of the pieces on offer.