Alby Johnston

Alby Johnston Furniture

There are many elements which draw Alby to the joys and challenges of working with wood, one of them is his fascination in 3 dimensional design.

To date, Alby’s work has often been inspired by the natural environment, in both form and concept, and being relatively early in his career there is endless potential for his work to develop.

The sensitivity required to successfully work with wood attracts Alby to placing an emphasis on hand crafted elements in his work. With the confidence and joy of using hand tools comes a broader scope of possibilities when coupled with modern day technologies. This ever evolving course of learning and perfecting the design and making process drives Alby to expand his skills and knowledge base.

Working with and learning from masters of both traditional (Velimer Dragisic – Brisbane) and contemporary (Robert Howard – Brisbane, Tony Kenway – Byron Bay) backgrounds has given Alby a strong foundation from which to begin his own path as a designer and maker. He feels he is left with a challenging benchmark as he strives to come close to the legacy left by the masters that precede him.

Over and above is the sheer love and passion that keeps Alby driven.