Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) offers a comprehensive directory of our Accredited Members. You can browse the Members Directory and contact a craftsperson directly. Most Accredited Members offer “ready to buy” pieces as well as being available for commission.


Commissioning items made in wood from a skilled professional offers an engaging and rewarding collaboration between you and the maker. The maker has artistic and design skills as well as knowledge about and expertise with the materials and finishes that suit your needs.


The commissioning process involves receiving drawings, timber samples and possibly models of the proposal. Once a design is agreed, you will receive a detailed quote for the piece, including a timeline for completion. Working with a SWA member results in a handmade item in timber of lasting quality and value, to be enjoyed now and by future generations.


Accredited Members (below) have been peer-assessed to meet SWA’s high standards. SWA General Members  are also professional designer/makers who have not yet submitted to the Accreditation process.


Please click on any of the below members to view their profile and works