Tony Kenway

Tony Kenway Furniture

My priority is to create elegance and harmony in my pieces, whilst melding functionality and comfort.

Inspiration comes from my love of nature, including the coastal and marine environment where I live; creating sensual flowing forms from exquisite Australian timbers.

I am always excited by beautiful timber – knowing how precious it is, makes me put that much more into it.

Throughout my 30 year involvement using Australia’s fine subtropical timbers, I have developed a keen interest in sustainable forestry plantations, specific to these species. The fertile volcanic soil of The North East coast of NSW, Australia, where I live, was once the largest subtropical forest in Australia which supported a local tradition in furniture making – a custom I am pleased to uphold. In 1998 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to study with prominent designers in Japan, Italy, UK and USA. Since then I regularly visit the USA, where my work is now sold and has won numerous National Awards.

Many years down the track, it is still a pleasure for me to be able to make things for people to enjoy for generations to come.