Damion Fauser

Damion Fauser Fine Woodwork

I design and make contemporary fine furniture and homewares, using solid timber and veneers as my primary medium. I find inspiration for my designs in many places, but I am particularly drawn to many forms and styles associated with Scandinavian and Oriental furniture. Elements of these styles can be found in many of my works. I also design and build based upon my observations of the natural world. Some of my pieces were designed and made purely as a vehicle to learn and become skilled at a particular technique.

I have been working with wood fulltime for 11 years. Prior to this I was a dedicated hobbyist and I sought training from the likes of Richard Vaughan and Robert Howard. Since turning professional, I have actively continued to broaden my woodworking skill and knowledge base by seeking further training with notable woodworkers in North America, including Garrett Hack, Adrian Ferrazzutti, Tim Rousseau and Yuri Kobayashi.

I have recently returned to Australia after having spent the last three years living in the USA. Whilst there, my pieces sold in Australia, the USA, Portugal and the Netherlands. Also during this time I sought development through a peer review process and was subsequently awarded Juried Status in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, one of the largest craft organisations in North America. For my final year in the USA I volunteered my services on a part-time basis for the opportunity to work alongside Satoru Amagasu (the Grandson of George Nakashima) and was able to participate in the making of several large pieces as well as assist in the restoration of some original Nakashima pieces.

I run a solo workshop in metropolitan Brisbane, where I make my pieces with a combination of modern and traditional techniques and it is my intention to begin teaching fine woodworking classes in the near future. I have also been an active contributor to Australian Wood Review magazine for the last 10 years.