William Matthysen

Designer and maker of custom made timepieces. Homewares

Will Matthysen is a clockmaker and woodworker from Warrandyte, Victoria. Since setting up his workshop 30 years ago, he has produced a range of handcrafted clocks using a combination of materials such as wood, brass, steel, and glass. He designs and manufactures all the components of the clock movement, including the wheels, pinions, escapement and clock case.
He originally trained and worked as an architect for ten years before discovering the joy and satisfaction of designing and making with his hands.
Will has produced over 200 clocks, each one is unique and integrates the crafts of clockmaking and woodwork into one unified design. His work is now represented in collections throughout Australia and the world. Described as tomorrow’s antiques, his clocks are made to achieve heirloom longevity.