SWA at Maleny Wood Expo

Studio Woodworker’s Australia Exhibition at
Maleny Wood Expo April 29th – May 1st 2023.

“Object “

We are delighted to announce that SWA will be having an exhibition “Object” at Maleny Wood Expo April 29th – May 1st 2023.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your work to over 10,000 visitors.

Registration is open to all financial members.

This is a curated exhibition for General Members. A panel of judges will determine the pieces to be exhibited.

The Maleny Wood Expo has a strong focus on ecological sustainability and sustainable use of local timbers. Wood artisans are required to work in sustainably harvested native, weed, or recycled timbers.
To read more about the Maleny Wood Expo go here http://malenywoodexpo.com/about

As this is not very far away, it is understood that you may wish to exhibit an existing piece rather than develop a completely new piece.

Insurance and delivery to and from the show is up to you (We are working on a couple of collection points). The work will be covered while on show. Please note that smaller pieces are much more welcome than, say, dining tables. Although we have been offered a relatively spacious site (7m X 3m) it is nevertheless not a gallery sized space.

Registration fees, per financial member (per piece), will be $150.00. The same fee applies for a collaborative entry (if you choose to undertake one). Payment can be made either by Direct Bank Transfer (preferred method) or by cheque.

Any pieces for sale, will attract a 20% commission on your wholesale price.
Registration can be undertaken online (preferred) or by filling in the form attached and emailing it to Ruth@shed144.com

Important Dates:

13th February 2023: Registration submission closes,
what you intend to exhibit, the dimensions of your piece. and images, your contact details, ABN and GST status, payment of registration fee.
Members were emailed with details to register.

27th April 2023: Delivery of work to Maleny.

29th April 2023: Expo opening

1st May 2023: Exhibition closes.

Ruth Thompson, Will Matthysen and Dale Dryen